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Safe Handling of LPG 

The LPGas Association of South Africa provides guidelines. To find out more visit their website by clicking on the link below.


Safety precautions: 

A number of safety precautions follow that must be complied with to enable the safe supply and usage of LPG.
Please note that BP engineers are only certified for working with external equipment – the vessel, pipework and associated gauges and connectors.

Escaping gas:

• Should a gas leak occur, the smell should alert you.
• Turn off the supply at emergency and main stop valves.
• Extinguish all naked lights and ignition sources – NO SMOKING.
• Open doors and windows. Note that LPG is heavier than air and will collect at the lowest levels.
• Do not switch electrical appliances on or off – NO CELLPHONES.
• Contact your installer for internal leaks and appliance problems and BP if there is an external leak.

Appliance breakdowns

In the event of an appliance not operating correctly, turn off the gas and electricity supplies to it and contact your installer for assistance.

Out of gas
• Turn off the main stop valve.
• Make sure all appliances are turned off.
• After delivery, the Under Pressure Shut Off (UPSO) valve (where fitted) should be reset.
• Follow the appliance re-lighting procedures.

• Evacuate the building.
• Call the fire emergency services.
• Turn off the gas supply at the emergency stop valve if it is safe to do so.
• Advise the Fire Officer of the existence of an LPG bulk storage tank.
• Contact GasLink.

About Gaslink

GasLink is a distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in South Africa. Safe handling and distribution of gas cylinders. This being our core business.

LPG is both lead and sulphur free and therefore kinder to the environment. LPG is one of the cleanest and most efficient fuels available. We are dedicated to you.

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